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BATCHtrol II Batch ControllerBT2_Gen

KEP’s BATCHtrol ll is a versatile batcher and rate meter that can be used as two separate 8-digit counters and as a 6-digit rate meter. The standard unit contains two separate “K” factors to convert inputs to total and rate data. At any time, the user may view the total, grand total or the rate without interrupting the counting process. The BATCHtrol II will accept either pulse or analog inputs. The BATCHtrol II features a large display that can be seen from across the room. It also has an easy to use keypad and start/stop buttons.

Hoffer HO Series for Liquid and Gas Services

Hoffer HO for Liquid Service

  • Available turn down range is 10:1 to 100:1high-temperature-turbine-flow-meters-58357
  • Linearity of ± 0.5% of reading (±0.25% typical) over tabulated linear flow range.
  • Repeatability of ± 0.1% (±0.05% typical) over tabulated linear repeatable flow range.
  • Temperature range: -450°F to + 450° F standard. There is a high temperature option to +850°F, dependent upon flowmeter configurations.
  • Pressure drop characteristics 4 to 5 PSI at maximum linear flow rate at one CSTK.
  • End fittings are NPT, MS flared and flanged styles.
  • Bearing Styles: Ceramic hybrid ball bearings and sleeve bearings in tungsten carbide and hard carbon composite are available.

Hoffer HO for Gas Service

  • Available turn down range is dependent upon gas density and operating conditions.
  • Linearity of ± 1% of reading typical (each meter’s reading is dependent upon density).
  • Repeatability of ± 0.25% over tabulated linear flow range.
  • Temperature range: -450° F to + 350° F continuous (to + 450° F intermittent heat). Also depends on bearing/coal selection.
  • End fittings of MS flared and flanged styles are recommended.

Brooks Instrument

Brooks Instrument 1250/1255 Sho-Rate Meters

Brooks’ Sho-Rate family of purge meters now includes the competitively priced 1250 and 1255. This series of flow meters for both liquids and gases is available in 65 or 150mm scale lengths.

These Sho-Rate meters are a perfect choice for panel and cabinet displays. They feature a rotating lens for a 180° view with magnification, integral needle valves on inlet or outlet, direct read scales for common units and fluids, and easy change design for quick exchanges of tube assemblies.

 The new 1250 and 1255 provide flow ranges available of up to 66 LPM Air and 2 LPM Water @ STP. Model 1250 has an accuracy of +/- 5% full-scale; Model 1255 has an accuracy of +/- 3% full-scale. Read the 1250/55 data sheet here for more information.