Thermal Instrument

Specializing in thermal mass flowmeters - full line and insertion for liquids and gases.

Thermal Instrument provides cost-effective solutions to flow measurement problems, working with a wide variety of industries: landfill, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, semi-conductors, pollution control, food and beverage, power/utility and petrochemicals. Our thermal flow meters measure the mass flow rates of gases as well as liquids. For more information, visit

Thermal In-Line Flow Meter Model 600-9/9500
A uniquely designed microprocessor controlled electronics provides integral local control and display in an explosion proof housing. Optional Remote Mounting of the electronics to a distance of 4000ft from the flow transducer provides additional versatility.

Flow signal linearity and temperature effects, determined at calibration, are corrected by the microprocessor using operating parameter data stored in EEPROM memory.

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