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Rosemount Analytical offers a comprehensive line of Combustion & Process Gas and Liquid analyzers, sensors and systems for efficiency and quality solutions. Our instruments and systems will help you maximize performance, productivity and profitability.  For more information on Rosemount Analytical, visit

Oxymitter In Situ Flue Gas
Oxymitter transmitters provide the optimum in reliability and accuracy, giving your operators the confidence to set combustion fuel/air ratio to the most efficient levels.

  • Accuracy ±.75% of reading or .05% oxygen.
  • 700°C (1300°F) maximum process temperature (1050°C (2000°F) with bypass accessory).
  • Electronics integral to probe or remote-mounted.
  • Completely field-repairable
  • HART® or Foundation™ fieldbus communications.
  • High sulfur/HCL versions available
  • Advanced diagnostics, including “calibration recommended”
  • Optional auto-calibration

CCO 5500 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer
The CCO  5500 is an across-the-stack infrared gas filter correlation and analyzer used to improve combustion efficiency. This easy to configure and install device can be used to help reduce unburned fuel as a result of incomplete combustion. This CO-specific measurement minimizes the effect of stratification, helps reduce energy costs for any boiler, process heater or other fossil fuel fired combustion process in your facility.

  • Easy to use, program and operate
  • Easy to understand control room diagnostics
  • In-Situ/across the stack measurement
  • Rugged easy to install & align optics

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