Kahn Instruments

Specializing in hygrometers and dew point transmitters.

The Kahn Companies have developed a wide range of moisture measurement instrumentation equipped with ceramic, aluminum oxide and chilled mirror optical moisture sensors. For more information on Kahn’s products, visit www.kahn.com.

Easidew Portable Hygrometer
A compact, easy to use portable hygrometer including integral sampling system for quick measurement of compressed air or process gas moisture content.

  • Measures dewpoint in temperatures of -100°C to +20°C (-148°F to +65°F)
  • NIST traceable
  • Fast and reliable Rugged NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Line or atmospheric dew point measurement
  • Integral sampling system

Cermet II Hygrometer
This panel-mounted hygrometer is designed for  applications including dewpoint monitoring of non-flammable process gases such as air, nitrogen, sulfur hexafluoride, carbon dioxide, helium or argon in industries ranging from heat treating to pharmaceutical to utilities to semiconductor manufacturing.

  • Measures dewpoint in temperatures of -100°C to +20°C (-148°F to +65°F)
  • Dual alarm relays
  • Nema 4 sensor housing
  • NIST traceability
  • Optional second process variable input that accepts a 4-20 mA signal from any 2-wire transmitter.
  • Easily configured as a separate display for pressure, temperature, flow or other process variable.

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