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Flow meters and flow controllers by Brooks are a proven solution for flow measurement and flow control challenges. With more than 60 years of experience, Brooks brings Coriolis mass flow, thermal mass flow, variable area flow meter and pressure control technologies (pressure controllers, pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and more) to improve your critical processes. Brooks also offers a line of mechanical level gauges and other level measurement products. For more information on all of Brooks Instruments’ flow metering and control products, visit

Brooks Instrument Quantim Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
The Brooks Quantim® Coriolis mass flow meter and mass flow controller provide precision mass flow measurement, integral control, on-line density and temperature measurement all in one compact package.

The heart of the device is a patented Coriolis sensor design which measures low flows independent of the fluid type or process variables. This provides you with unsurpassed performance, repeatable mass flow measurement and control even under changing conditions.

Brooks Quantim products are the smallest, lowest flow Coriolis meters and controllers available on the market. With a footprint the size of a handheld organizer, you can fit this instrument into any tight space.

Coriolis meters and controllers are available inNEMA 1/IP40,NEMA 4X/IP65, explosion proof and ANSI/ISA-76 downport configurations

Brooks Instrument 1250/1255 Sho-Rate Meters
Brooks’ Sho-Rate family of purge meters now includes the competitively priced 1250 and 1255. This series of flow meters for both liquids and gases is available in 65 or 150mm scale lengths.

These Sho-Rate meters are a perfect choice for panel and cabinet displays. They feature a rotating lens for a 180° view with magnification, integral needle valves on inlet or outlet, direct read scales for common units and fluids, and easy change design for quick exchanges of tube assemblies.

 The new 1250 and 1255 provide flow ranges available of up to 66 LPM Air and 2 LPM Water @ STP. Model 1250 has an accuracy of +/- 5% full-scale; Model 1255 has an accuracy of +/- 3% full-scale.

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