Inventory Specials

V-F Controls has the following in-stock items for immediate sale. Call us at 440-974-7757 for pricing and product details. 

Line Manufacturer Model #
1 Rosemount Analytical pH Probe 389-01-10-55 RAIO ph-sensors-389
2 Rosemount Analytical Transmitter 5081-P-HT-87 RAIO Transmitter 5081_200
3 Rosemount Analytical Probe 499ADO-54 RAIO Probe 499ado
4 Rosemount Analytical pH Probe 396PVP-12-55 RAIO ph-orp-electrodes-396
5 Rosemount Analytical pH Probe 397-02-10-54 RAIOph-orp-electrodes-397
6 Rosemount Solu-Comp II 1055-01-10-20-32 RAIO Solu Comp 1055
7 Rosemount Analytical Conductivity Probe 400-VP-13 RAIO conductivity-probes 400
8 Dietrerich Standard Eagle Eye 177A Dieterich Std Eagle Eye
9 Rosemount Eagle Eye 410FW2CJ2 Rosemount Eagle Eye
10 AEMC AC Current Probe MD301 AEMC AC Current
11 UFM Octopus Receiver/Controller OC-W-ASSY UFMOctopus
12 Delta Controls Ultrasonic Level Transmitter 872-V-2-NP-AA Delta Ultrasonic Level Transmitter872ht2
13 Delta Controls Cable Supported Level Transmitter 591 Delta cable level transmitter591
14 Bebco Purge System 1002-WPS Bebco1002
15 Bebco Purge System 3003-LPS-C1 Bebco3003
16 Bebco Vent EPV-3-SA BebcoEPV3SA
17 Nusonics Ultrasonic Portable Flow Meter MicroFlow 90 download
18 LMI Pump A951-498SI LMI-A941-152S-A
19 Devar Smart Chart 8100 DEVAR SMART 8100
20 Devar Loop Powered Indicator LIAC-SCII Devar LIAC-SCII.
21 Devar Data Logger Smart Chart II Devar Smart chart II Data Logger SC-II 8K
22 Devar SC-8K Devar Smart chart II Data Logger SC-II 8K
23 Devar 332W Devar332
24 Devar Loop Isolator 18-269A Devar18-269A Website
25 Devar SM-815 DevarSM815 Website
26 Devar SM-811 DevarSM811 Website
27 Devar 18-LPS devar New_18-LPS
28 Devar 18-232A devar18-232A Website
29 Devar Thermowell/RTD Head DevarTemperature Sensors
30 McDaniel Gages Sizes 1-1/2" to 6" McDaniel Gauges
31 GE Druck Protection Boot 860-A018 gedruckrubberboot
32 GE Druck Loop Calibrator 150 PSIG DPI802-150 geDruck_DPI-802_Large
33 GE Druck Loop Calibrator 300 PSIG DPI802-300 geDruck_DPI-802_Large
34 GE Druck Case IO800A GEDruck CaseIO800a
35 GE Druck Vacuum Pump PV211 ge Druck_DPI104IS-Kit-PV211_Large
36 GE Druck Hand Pump PV411A-HA gedruckpv411a-ha
37 GE Druck Portable Calibrator TRX II gedruck trxii
38 Brooks Instrument Armored Metal Tube Flowmeter 3809E Brooks Flowmeter 3809E


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